ECCP is another such platform that helps the Business Support Project’s outreach to relevant European businesses and SMEs to provide relevant leads identified under the project. The ECCP is an online hub for European industry clusters that aims to strengthen the European economy through collaboration. It supports short term exchanges to better connect Europe's industrial clusters and their ecosystems.
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The Business Support Project in coordination with the above mentioned stakeholders will identify and participate in relevant awareness-raising events to inform EU SMEs regarding the opportunities in the Indian market. The project also develops several sectoral market studies and disseminates this information through those events. It also regularly publishes market reports, case studies, articles and studies to complement and communicate these requirements.
Events Conducted
The Policy Dialogue project engages continuously with the relevant Ministries of the Indian Government on various key areas which are identified.
The Policy Dialogues projects, led by the EU Delegation to India and Bhutan focusses on key topics of collaborations between India and EU. It regularly identifies opportunities and collaboration scope based on priority areas of the Indian Government. This is then passed on to the EU-India Business Support to the Policy Dialogue. This serves as an input for the Business Support Project to identify opportunities and curate events, workshops and webinars for EU SMEs with support from the Policy Dialogues Project. The 6 focus areas identified are: 1. Energy and Climate Action, 2. Water, 3 Resource Efficiency and Biodiversity, 4. Urbanisation, 5. Aviation and 6. ICT.
The Business Support project compiles, assimilates and compiles the information and insights received from the Policy Dialogues Project based on their interaction with the Indian government. Based on this it identified priority sub-sectors, nature of businesses and analyses business opportunity.
The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. The Network is  active worldwide. It brings together experts from member organisations that are renowned for their excellence in business support. EEN serves as an important partner for the Project to identify and reach out to relevant businesses as per the opportunities identified.
The Business Support Project will participate in events organised by the Policy Dialogues Project and provide technical inputs by facilitating contribution from relevant EU SMEs showcasing solutions relevant to the Policy Dialogue. The Project also organises standalone events (matchmaking events, thematic sessions and webinars) to showcase EU solutions and bring together EU and Indian stakeholders.
The European Economic Group (EEG) is a working group aimed to establish a working group of EU Member States, EU Business organisations and EU businesses, formed in close consultation with EBG and EUD to enable an EU wise advocacy and to ultimately remove trade barriers for EU businesses in India.
The list of EU SMEs participating in the outreach conducted and various knowledge-sharing activities are consolidated to form the database of EU Companies interested in the Indian market.
The project through an extensive activity mapped the list of EU SMEs already present in the Indian market. This forms part of the database of EU SMEs in totality.
The Business Support Project will also highlight relevant project, funding and research opportunities to the database of EU SMEs identified through the insights gathered from the events and the Policy Dialogues Projects.
The Business Support project, through various channels like website and social media, strives to consistently reach out to relevant SMEs in EU and inform them of opportunities in India and relevant events.
To highlight the opportunities identified and collated, the Business Support Project works closely with several chambers to reach out to EU relevant businesses. The project has close support from EUROCHAMBRES as well as Chambers of respective EU states.
List of EU Chambers
The feedback and insights received from EU SMEs, Member States and BMOs through their participation in various events is consolidated and the bottlenecks/ market access barriers identified is well documented. It is passed on to the Advocacy Body for resolving these issues through constant engagement with the Indian government.
As a central player in the EU-India business ecosystem, Business Support Project regularly engages with several intermediary organisations to expand its reach and highlight opportunities in the Indian market to EU SMEs.
The 'EU Green Business Champions for India' is a component of the EU Excellence in India programme, which brings together EU business champions in the field of green technologies that have expressed their interest in entering the Indian market. These Business Champions are associated with innovation solutions, products and services to combat climate change and enhance resource efficiency and the circular economy.
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To help European SMEs considering to enter the Indian market to plan and make an informed decision, the Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues Project has published a series of diagnostic business tools entitled “Are you ready for India?” The set as a whole is designed to work as a step-by-step introduction to the Indian business ecosystem allowing EU SMEs to gauge their preparedness in doing business in India.
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The EU Excellence in India programme, an initiative under the Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues project seeks to champion EU business champions in India which place sustainability at the very heart of their business operations. Under the programme, European businesses already present in India which have championed resource efficiency, circular economy, sustainable supply chains, sustainable mobility and infrastructure, renewable energy, enhancing biodiversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR), are brought together on a single platform to share best practices in the field of sustainability and opportunities to collaborate on joint projects.
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