Resource Efficiency Initiative

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    Resource Efficiency Initiative

  1. Resource Efficiency Initiative: For the last two decades, India is witnessing some major transformation with a rapid economic growth, an expanding industrial and service-related production, a rapid urbanization and a growing population. These have been correlated to an increased scale and intensity of resource use and extraction. It is estimated that by 2050, Indian’s total material demand will be nearly five-fold as compared to 2010 especially for metals, non-metal minerals and energy carriers. However, natural resources depletion and a constantly growing demand are causing significant social, economic, waste and environmental strain in India. The EU launched the EU-India Resource Efficiency Initiative in January 2017 until December 2023.
  • Project Objectives: The project’s overall objective is to support India in the implementation of the UN global Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) agenda to foster the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. This will be accomplished by facilitating the adaption of international standards and business practices on resource efficiency. It seeks to achieve this through activities and measures focused around three result areas viz: (R1): Assessment of India’s current and future needs for resources; (R2): Partnerships established between European and Indian businesses and stakeholders on resource efficiency; and (R3): Awareness is raised on the need for resource efficient approaches in India among key government and non-governmental organizations, business, students, media and the general public through promotion of standards and business best-practices on resource
  • Project Vision: The project’s activities foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources in India.
  • EU-Business Opportunity: The Resource Efficiency Initiative project provides business opportunities mainly for large and micro-enterprises in the sectors of mobility, building & construction, renewable energy, end-of-life management, resource recovery, and others

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