EU India Aviation Cluster launched

New Delhi. The Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues Project today launched the EU India Aviation Cluster in an exclusive online session. It was launched in presence of Ms. Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor and Head of Section at the European Union Delegation to India, Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Former Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, GOI, Dr. Shefali Juneja, IRS, Representative of India on the Council of ICAO, Montreal, Canada, Mr. Simon Sheldon: Technical Cooperation Regional Manager – South Asia (EASA), Mr. Vincent Gorry, Senior Vice-president, European and International Affairs, French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS), Mr. Carlos Menendez, Technical Cooperation Operations Manager (SNE), International Cooperation Department (EASA) and Mr. Poul V. Jensen, Team Leader, Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues/ Managing Director, European Business and Technology Centre. The cluster will further fortify the existing channels of business support in the aviation sector and strengthen business efforts towards green and sustainable aviation.

The launch of the cluster is aligned with the priorities agreed at the 15th EU India summit, where it was decided that both sides will further develop cooperation on smart and sustainable urbanisation, information and communication technology, transport, space and health security.


“India has had a very good relationship with the European Union and specially in the backdrop of the recent high level dialogue that took place between the leaders of the EU and India  (Or EU Presidents and Indian PM), I think we can all agree that there is a great potential for investment, trade and opportunities, among others, in unmanned/automated control towers”. – Dr. Shefali Juneja, IRS, Representative of India on the Council of ICAO, Montreal, Canada.

“The objective of Aviation Cluster is to create a common platform for the EU businesses to showcase their expertise and to support them to collaborate with other stakeholders to address demands within the Indian aviation sector whether pertaining to emerging technologies, new frameworks or capacity building.” – Mr. Atul Suri, Secretariat, EU-India Aviation Cluster.


The participatory and collaborative approach of the cluster will contribute to the ecosystem for the EU aviation businesses and their Indian counterparts / partners which also becomes particularly relevant and beneficial in the light of the on-going pandemic:

  • The global air traffic has almost come to a complete standstill during the COVID-19 outbreak. The biggest capacity reduction is expected to be in Europe and Asia/Pacific, with over two‐third of revenue loss.
  • According to IATA, airlines will face a loss in revenue on the order of 314 billion USD (approx. 280 billion Euros) and a drop in passenger traffic by 85% with immediate effect on MRO services.
  • Airports are facing an estimated loss of two‐fifths of passenger traffic and 45% or over USD76 billion airport revenues in 2020 compared to their usual business (ACI).
  • While dependent on the containment of the pandemic, it is expected that India’s aviation sector will start to recover in the second half of FY2021.

Instead of attempting to retrieve ‘before crisis status’ of the sector, this initiative is linked to the vision of building a greener and sustainable aviation sector through collaborative approaches which assures solution-oriented business activity and draws upon innovation and digitisation.


Objectives of the EU-India Cluster:   

  • Create a common platform where EU businesses can demonstrate their expertise in the aviation sector, where the main focus lies on green and sustainability.
  • Define opportunities and work towards improved supply- and value chains in the EU-India context.
  • Engage with various private- and public stakeholders to identify and work towards (pilot) projects (in the EU and India) as well as collaborative frameworks.
  • Facilitate project engagements.
  • Contribute to a conducive business environment through market access initiatives and business advocacy in close alignment with key stakeholders and partners.


The Cluster is an initiative under the Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues Project and will be implemented by the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC), the Secretariat of the Cluster.


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