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The European Union (EU) is a natural partner in supporting India’s sustainable growth. In November 2018, the EU released its new strategy for India, which clearly spells out both the necessity to address Energy, Water and Urbanisation challenges and the opportunities for the EU and India to collaborate on these important issues.

“India is a key player in our interconnected world”, said High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini. “We want to further reinforce our political, economic and people-to-people ties with India in order to address together global challenges, to promote together economic growth and to expand together business opportunities. The EU and India are committed to seize opportunities to support and promote effective multilateralism and solutions whenever peace and stability are in danger.”


India is a very important partner for the EU, as one of the fastest growing major economies that will reshape the global economy in the twenty-first century. Europe is India’s largest trading power. Two-way trade in goods and services between the EU and India reached over EUR 100 billion in 2017. Europe is one of the largest investors in India, with a stock of more than EUR 70 billion in investments. Close to 6,000 European companies are already present in India collectively providing direct employment to 1.2 million workers and indirect employment to 5 million workers.

As India is seeking to establish itself as a global hub for manufacturing, research and innovation, and aims to become a EUR 6.9 trillion economy by 2030. The EU recognises this opportunity and has set up strategic targeted policy dialogues with India to increase business collaborations, trade and investments.


The following policy dialogues are key pillars of the EU-India relation that can further spur business collaborations, trade and investments. The focus of these dialogues and cooperation areas is on providing access to green technologies and digital solutions; achieving resource efficiency; implementing regulatory models and legislative frameworks; and harmonising standards in key sectors:

Sustainable Transport
Agriculture – Food Processing
Research and Innovation
Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

The dialogue focuses on increasing the accessibility of best practices from Europe in the fields of sustainable mobility, railway logistics, ports, civil aviation, research and innovation and the blue economy.

Agriculture – Food Processing

Agriculture – Food Processing

Europe’s food and agriculture sectors play an important role in their domestic economies. Though agri-food is one of the trading sectors between EU and India, and there is high interest among EU businesses to expand in India, there is still a large trade deficit largely because of the high duties and tariffs of the protected Indian markets.

Research and Innovation
  • EU-India cooperation on research and innovation (R&I) is based on the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement concluded in 2001 and since then several times renewed - the last time in 2016, until 2020. The S&T Agreement serves as a basis to identify areas of common interest for collaborative projects, mobility of scientists, joint workshops, sharing of advanced research facilities and exchange of information on policy matters underpinning the effective cooperation on research and innovation.
  • At EU level, cooperation on research and innovation is funded under the framework programme 'Horizon 2020' which is Open to the world and thus to participants from India.
  • See funding opportunities and modalities: FUNDING OPPORTUNITY
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