EU India ICT Standardisation Collaboration

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    EU India ICT Standardisation Collaboration

  • Project Objective: From Jan 2020, the EU has commissioned a 3 year project called the India-EU Urban partnership support project, whose overall objective is not only to strengthen EU Urban diplomacy but also to demonstrate global leadership in implementing the New Urban Agenda and the Paris agreement.
  • The IEUP support project links experiences and best practices from past and current urban projects between the EU and India such as the EU-Mumbai Partnership, the International Urban Cooperation action, the ICT standardisation action, the Air quality Initiative and others, and to feed their results into the national policy agenda. It will also allow engaging on new sub sectors such as metropolitan planning, mobility and waste management and bears a holistic approach.
  • The EU-India cooperation on sustainable urbanisation has matured since 2016 and reached a milestone at the last bilateral Summit in July 2020 where India and the European Union agreed on a Joint Road May 2025 wherein sustainable urbanisation is a key area.
  • Project Vision:This partnership aims to promote and strengthen the cooperation between the EU and India by sharing policies, technologies, business solutions, financing mechanisms and cooperation on research and innovation to support smart and sustainable urbanisation. The partnership interlinks with other EU-India dialogues and provides opportunities in the field of inter-alia water, air quality, resource efficiency and circular economy, clean energy, energy efficiency, greening urban transport, ICT solutions, and the climate change mitigation and adaptation in cities.

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