The Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues supports the implementation of the new EU strategy on India, which was adopted in December 2018. The project strives to increase business involvement in strategic areas of bilateral cooperation in order to reinforce the already strong partnership between the European Union and India. These key areas are derived from on-going policy dialogues between the EU and India, such as Environment, Energy, Climate, ICT and Urbanisation and hold relevant/ real-time opportunities for EU businesses interested in entering the Indian market.

Launched in February 2019, the project is led by GFA Consulting Group GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) in consortium with EBTC – European Business and Technology Centre (New Delhi, India), implementation partner India and EUROCHAMBRES (Brussels, Belgium), implementation partner Europe.


Poul V. Jensen

The Project ‘Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues’ lies squarely in the Business-Policy nexus, making policy makers benefit from businesses and vice versa. The Project can support hands on in making EU-India collaborations work, identify and address the multitude of challenges, and make business and policy efforts go hand in hand to the benefit of both EU and India.


Joel Fernandes

India is undergoing a series of transformational shifts occurring at an exponential speed. By 2050, India is expected to be the world’s largest economy and will soon become a force to be reckoned with. Amid this metamorphosis, India presents an image of optimism and promise. It is therefore an opportune time for EU businesses to assist India leapfrog into an advanced stage of development, through the concrete opportunities which exist within the current policy dialogues.

About the European Union

The European Union (EU) is the second largest economy in the world comprising of a group of 27 countries that operate as a cohesive economic and political block. The EU grew out of a desire to form a single European political entity to end the centuries of warfare among European countries that culminated with World War II and decimated much of the continent.

Currently, the euro (€) is the official currency of 19 out of 27 EU member countries which together constitute the Eurozone, officially called the euro area.


The EU economy consists of an internal market of mixed economies based on free market and advanced social models. The EU’s gross domestic product totaled $15 trillion (nominal) in 2020.

About the European Union Delegation to India

Established in 1983, the European Union Delegation to India is a diplomatic mission representing the European Union (EU) to India together with the 27 Member States of the European Union. It performs a variety of tasks aimed at enhancing relations between the EU and India. The EU works closely with India to promote peace, create jobs, boost economic growth and enhance sustainable development across the country.

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